I think it was 1983 when I used my expertise as an aspiring architect in a Waldorf kindergarten to help expand the roof - a time-consuming project and I just had the semester break to get it done. Waldorf schools and kindergartens are financed by donations and the active help of parents.

I had no child yet and nothing to donate other than a little free time. But I was in love with one of the members of the facility, so I tried really hard to build something decent. After the semester break, I only had the weekends for the renovations. Because there was a shortage of donations, I even let myself be persuaded to build the windows myself. An also anthroposophically oriented carpenter helped. These windows were delivered to be installed on a weekend of all days, when I exhibited my cosmetics at a biodynamic Thanksgiving market. I always had to leave my stand in my most beautiful summer dress and help with the installation of the windows.

When I came back in between, a mother had dipped her finger fully in the cinnamon and carrot cream, one of my products, which was kept in large earthenware jars. She let her child lick it, thought my cosmetics were baby food. After the first horror, I was able to calm her down, as all the ingredients in my cosmetics were edible (and still are today).