Almond oil was already valued as an oil for skin care in ancient times. It is considered to be very compatible and versatile, for different skin types, especially for sensitive, dry skin or baby skin. We only use almonds from certified organic cultivation or in Demeter quality as the basis for the oil. The oil itself is cold-pressed, using a gentle mechanical process, so that we can fully incorporate the valuable ingredients into our natural cosmetic products.

Sweet almonds that have been peeled and blanched form the basis of the light, slightly yellowish, almost transparent oil. The classic among natural cosmetic oils tastes finely nutty like its origin, the almonds. It has a particularly high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and contains ingredients that have an antioxidant effect, i.e. protect the skin, and promote good absorption of the substances into the skin.

We obtain our almond oil, as a basic raw material for numerous products in our range, from different suppliers. The almonds, which grow on trees up to 8 meters high, come from Spain or Italy and are harvested in autumn. The hard shell is cracked using a mechanical process. This is how you get to the crucial almond kernel, which, by the way, is also the seed of the plant. With the help of steam, the brown skin can be gently loosened and the blanched almond remains. This is crushed and then cold-pressed and filtered several times before it can be bottled and processed further in our natural cosmetics.

By the way, almond oil is also used in the kitchen, for salads or as an aromatic addition to desserts. It is not suitable for frying, which would be a shame because of the valuable unsaturated fatty acids that would be destroyed in the process.

Almond Oil in our products

Maritim Bodylotion 150 ml
This non-irritating body lotion is particularly suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to allergies as it does not contain herbal ingredients or fragrances.

Content: 0.15 l (€196.67* / 1 l)


Kalmus Maske 50 ml
Applied to the skin once a week as a mask, it has a restorative and clarifying effect on stressed and tired skin.

Content: 0.05 l (€838.00* / 1 l)