Beeswax is a natural raw material that is excreted by the honeybees for building the honeycombs. It is considered a very well tolerated fat and has skin-protecting and moisturizing properties. We therefore like to use it as an ingredient in our creams and balms or in baby care, for the diaper area. Exclusively in Demeter quality.

Not all wax is created equal. We attach great importance to purity and completely residue-free raw materials. That is why we only use Demeter-certified wax, which, in addition to its high quality, also ensures that the bees are kept in a species-appropriate manner. This means, for example, that beehives are only made of natural materials and only natural honeycombs are used. In conventional beekeeping, the queen bee's wings are clipped to prevent natural swarming - this is not possible in Demeter populations. Just like instrumental insemination.

Only natural substances that are contained in honey are used as remedies for the bee colonies from which we obtain our wax. And only organic acids (such as lactic acid) lead the fight against the varroa mite. Chemical-synthetic agents are excluded and with it the risk of undesired components in beeswax. Happy Demeter bees live in the immediate vicinity of biodynamically cultivated areas with as rich a variety of flowers as possible. We purchase the wax we use throughout Germany.

The honeycombs can be removed from around June to August. While the bees recreate their housing naturally, the honeycombs are melted down in a copper kettle. A gentle cleaning follows. And so the raw material “wax” is already ready for use.

Beeswax in our products

MELISSA Cream 15 ml
Refreshing and balancing face cream with natural essential melissa oil for combination skin.

Content: 0.015 l (from €700.00* / 1 l)

from €10.50*

SALVIA Cream 15 ml
Clarifying face cream for oily, large-pored and blemished skin of any age.

Content: 0.015 l (from €593.33* / 1 l)

from €8.90*