Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) – TRUE JACK OF ALL TRADES

As early as the Middle Ages, flowers and medicinal herbs were used to make ointments for skin care. Chamomile is one of the most popular medicinal plants in Europe. The little yellow flower is rightly used for all kinds of ailments, because it can be used as a true jack of all trades. The real chamomile is the medicinal plant par excellence; almost everyone knows their typical scent. Alcoholic, spagyric and aqueous extracts from the dried plant are used. Active ingredients from chamomile (bisabolol, chamazulene) have been proven to stimulate the skin's metabolism and regenerate the tissue.

- Skin type: impure skin, dermatitis and eczema
- Fragrance: warm, herbaceous, enveloping
- Medicinal plant: 2002


HAND & NAIL Hand Lotion 30 ml
Moisturising hand lotion with a fruity orange scent that absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.

Content: 0.03 l (from €296.67* / 1 l)

from €8.90*

HAND & NAIL Hand Cream 15 ml
Rich and protecting hand care for cracked and brittle skin.

Content: 0.015 l (from €500.00* / 1 l)

from €7.50*

HAND & NAIL Nail Balm 15 ml
For brittle fingernails & cracked cuticles.

Content: 0.015 l (€726.67* / 1 l)


HAND & NAIL Cuticle Oil 15 ml
For soft & resilient cuticles.

Content: 0.015 l (€926.67* / 1 l)


HAND & NAIL care kit
The products of the HAND & NAIL line nourish cracked and chapped skin on the hands and nails – for velvety soft hands and nourished nails.