Often there is not enough time and leisure to get a deeper dive into certain products. That is why we have put together our customer favorites” for you. If others like it, why not you too. Just try!

Kamelie Hautcreme 50 ml
Pure luxury for your skin! Silky soft thanks to the high content of avocado oil! Recommended especially for those over 35, it supports the skin’s moisture-retaining capacity, resilience and vitality.

Content: 0.05 l (€1,358.00* / 1 l)


Maritim Hautcreme 50 ml
This cream has a soothing effect on skin that is particularly sensitive and prone to allergies.

Content: 0.05 l (€910.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Hautcreme 50 ml
The skin cream for combination skin.

Content: 0.05 l (€838.00* / 1 l)


Avocado Augenfluid 30 ml
The mild avocado oil, which is particularly rich in vitamins, quickly absorbs into the skin, smooths and provides elasticity to this sensitive area of skin, and prevents premature wrinkling.

Content: 0.03 l (€883.33* / 1 l)


Tönung Fluid 100 ml
This tinted milk is suitable for all skin types.

Content: 0.1 l (€275.00* / 1 l)