Sun Care

Our products serve to prevent and alleviate sun-stressed skin. The special active ingredient here is Jerusalem artichoke, which has a regenerating, soothing and moisturizing effect - with sun protection factor 6 (SPF 6).

The sun protection factor (SPF) indicates how much longer you can be exposed to the sun with a sunscreen without getting sunburnt than is possible with the individual self-protection time. We produce the SPF in a natural way with high-quality oils or valuable mineral earth.


SUMMER T. Face&Body Lot.150 ml
Moisturising face and body lotion with a light toning effect for (sun) stressed and irritated skin.

Content: 0.15 l (from €76.67* / 1 l)

from €11.50*

SUMMER T. F&B Aftersun 150 ml
Body lotion for skin stressed after sunbathing.

Content: 0.15 l (from €76.67* / 1 l)

from €11.50*

SUMMER TIME care kit
The SUMMER TIME line activates the skin’s own natural protection and is therefore suitable as a preparatory care for the summer.


SUMMER TIME Cream 15 ml
Quick absorbing and soothing face cream for (sun) stressed and irritated skin.

Content: 0.015 l (from €593.33* / 1 l)

from €8.90*

SUMMER TIME Body Oil 100 ml
Soothing body oil for (sun) stressed, irritated and dry skin.

Content: 0.1 l (from €135.00* / 1 l)

from €13.50*