Elderflower hydrolate is a plant water and has a similar effect to essential oil, only a little milder. We use it in tonics, for example. The floral water contains nutrients that can penetrate the skin, whereas pure water only rolls off. And precisely because it has a profound effect, we use pure Demeter elderflower hydrosol, grown in Germany.

Elderberry is one of the oldest remedies and luxury foods known to us. Even the Neanderthals are said to have consumed elder and the plant is mentioned in the writings of Socrates and Hildegard von Bingen. It was an important part of “the farmer's pharmacy” - whether it was about the flowers, the berries or the roots. We also use different components of the elder. For example, elderberry root extract is also used in our natural cosmetics. Other cultivation areas, for example in Rhineland-Palatinate, were expanded due to the great demand for elderberries in Demeter quality. Demeter organic elder is now grown not only in Upper Bavaria but also in Franconia and the Allgäu. On a total area of ​​around 15 hectares there are around 7,500 elderberry plants from which the finest flower hydrosol can be obtained. And thus enriched our products with a valuable raw material.

We obtain this, as well as the flower hydrosol, from a partner a short distance from our company headquarters in Wessobrunn Monastery. We have been supplied with biodynamic top quality for more than half a decade. The elderflower hydrosol is characterized by a high density of aromas. It is processed fresh from the field in a gentle process. We do not want to describe the processing method in great detail - after all, our partner tinkered and tried for a long time until the desired result was achieved. But what we can reveal: The Demeter preparations are used consistently and there is a lot of manual work. In addition to cutting the trees in winter, harvesting the blossoms in June is also laborious. Each blossom is picked individually and packaged very carefully so that there is no pressure or build-up of heat.

At the end there is distillation, i.e. a thermal separation process in which the evaporating liquid can be obtained. This liquid also contains the fragrances of the elderflower. Hydrolates can also be used to refine dishes when cooking. The beverage industry is also interested in the elderflower itself, for the production of syrup and lemonades. Or they are processed into fructose and can be found in jam.

Elderflower Hydolare in our products

Maritim Lotion 100 ml
This delicate face milk has a smoothing and moisturising effect.

Content: 0.1 l (€355.00* / 1 l)


Maritim Tonic 100 ml
To refresh and revitalise the skin.

Content: 0.1 l (€255.00* / 1 l)