In 1990 a company placed our first order to develop and manufacture our own cosmetic series. A great challenge! The pick-up date of the shipping company was already on our backs, so we had to do everything we could to be ready on time. It was the first time that we got a full pallet with one delivery, but we didn't know the technique of how the pallet should be stacked and sealed correctly!

We only had an hour to pick up and just as long to deal with the packaging problems! We also did not know how high and how heavy a load on the pallet could be, consequently the accident took its course. Unfortunately, the anteroom for the production and packing warehouse was not yet concreted and consisted of pounded clay.

The pallet truck that was supposed to move the pallet pushed itself deeply into the clay soil under the weight. Outside on the street, the guys from the shipping company were waiting impatiently. We sweat and swear until the farmer from opposite us finally offers to lift the heavy part out of the anteroom with the front loader. Unfortunately, the access was on a busy street and also in a confusing curve. When the tractor turned to lift the pallet onto the truck bed, the tower of the extremely poorly welded pallet crashed directly onto the road. The glass bottles, square and therefore very fragile, shattered almost all of them, and together with the broken cream pots, a gigantic smear formed on the street soaked in the hot sun. I no longer know how much time it took to divert traffic and remove the street grease, but that was a lesson to us: first of all I did a course in pallet packing!