Rose essential oil is one of the most valuable oils out there. It is considered anti-inflammatory, antiviral and highly moisturizing. It smells wonderful and has a positive influence on the mind. In our natural cosmetics, we have dedicated an entire line to this valuable raw material. We only use Demeter-certified essential rose oil for this.

The "Rosa Damascena" has a centuries-long history and shapes an entire region in Bulgaria. The area around Kazanlak is also known as the Rose Valley. There, in the Mediterranean climate, during hot summers and cool winters, the Bulgarian oil rose is grown. And not only cultivated, but also cherished and cared for; If necessary, watered and, in our case, fertilized purely with Demeter preparations and made defensible against diseases and pests.

Harvest time is from mid-May to mid-June. And then you have to get up early. Because the flowers have to be picked by hand and carefully packed by ten o'clock in the morning at the latest. A swift transport to the still follows. Once the sun has developed its power, it will be too late. The valuable oil "evaporates" through the warmth - in the truest sense of the word.
In addition to Bulgaria, our supplier also purchases essential rose oil from Georgia, Iran and Bosnia. The quality standard is the same for all sources of supply: Demeter-certified cultivation and processing. For us, this is a prerequisite for use in Martina Gebhardt natural cosmetics.

The fragrant plants are grown on around 80 hectares and accommodate around 240,000 rose bushes. An amount that is also necessary, because 3.5 tons of roses are required for 1 kg of pure rose essential oil. This also illustrates the preciousness of the essence and it is good to have a partner with whom one can work together on a trusting basis. 

Rose Essential Oil in our products

INT.CARE Happy Aging Caps 40St
Vitamin-rich intensive care for mature skin.

Content: 0.0136 l (€2,536.76* / 1 l)