Baobab (Malvaceae) – THE SURVIVOR

Baobabs are called the baobab trees (makuleke), they belong to the mallow family and are often more than 800 years old. Man has introduced them to other regions and successfully settled them. Baobabs are survivors because they are undemanding, surviving in areas with poor soil and little rain. The high ability to regenerate is fascinating – to a large extent, they can compensate for injuries to bark and branches independently. If a baobab falls over due to age, it sometimes even sprouts new branches. In addition, the fruits of the baobab have many ingredients that make them "super fruits". Baobabs are also known as "tree of life", "apothecary tree" or "living pharmacy". Especially in earlier years, the fruits, leaves, but also the bark and roots were used in traditional medicine. Even today, the baobab is still used in some areas as a source of medicine. The fruits score with valuable ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins (B, C), potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9).

- Skin type: Inflamed, sensitive, barrier-impaired and dry skin
- Fragrance: fresh, gentle


BAOBAB Foot Cream 50 ml
Rich and nourishing foot cream that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

Content: 0.05 l (from €158.00* / 1 l)

from €7.90*

BAOBAB Foot Balm 50 ml
Waterless foot balm for chapped and inflammation-prone skin.

Content: 0.05 l (from €178.00* / 1 l)

from €8.90*

BAOBAB Leg Lotion 150 ml
Light, moisturising nourishing milk for silky smooth skin on the legs and feet.

Content: 0.15 l (from €79.33* / 1 l)

from €11.90*

HAPPY FEET care kit
Feet and legs have a lot to endure.


BAOBAB Foot Spray 30 ml
Refreshing spray for the feet and legs, also for sweaty feet and tired legs.

Content: 0.03 l (from €330.00* / 1 l)

from €9.90*

BAOBAB Foot Bath 30 g
Foot bath for sweaty feet prone to inflammation.

Content: 0.03 kg (from €116.67* / 1 kg)

from €3.50*