Real essential oils, propolis and various plant extracts have an inhibiting effect on bacterial growth and are therefore mild preservatives. In ancient Egypt, but also among the Indians, people still knew a lot about the quality of the right time at which products, especially medicines and cosmetics, were manufactured. At that time, the preparation of personal care products was still in the hands of medicine men and healers. They also looked at the course of the stars and the moon and observed that plant extracts that were produced at a certain time had higher healing effects.

Even today, primitive peoples produce plant extracts according to the laws of the cosmos.

Much of this ancient knowledge comes into its own again in biodynamic plant cultivation and spagyric.
But also in our centuries-old monasteries, especially Benedictine monks and nuns, valuable knowledge about the healing properties of herbs in monastery medicine was preserved and passed on in ancient Latin scriptures.

The achievements of modern chemistry have changed a lot; but have they also come closer to our needs? Unfortunately, today's "ointment stirrers" have succumbed to the simple handling of chemical bases, mineral oils that will last for years and make the cream "beautiful white". As a receipt, we have a constantly growing number of allergies and skin diseases.

I don't want to go this way!

I try to restore a natural and original order through my products.

For our skin and the skin of the earth.

For dry and sensitive skin.

For demanding and tired skin.

For very sensitive skin prone to irritation.

For young skin and active people.

For oily and blemished skin.

For mature skin - Let the beauty of maturity unfold.

For (sun-) stressed and irritated skin.

Oil capsules for intensive care of the skin.

Special active ingredients for your skin.

Hand and nail care.

For the delicate skin of babies and kids.