ISATIS dental - the vegan oral hygiene revolution!

The sustainable and natural dental care of today. Namesake: Isatis tinctorium, the woad - the rediscovered medicinal herb.

ISATIS dental in a nutshell:
- For young & old
- 100% Demeter certified
- Without: preservatives, fluoride, foaming agents, emulsifiers
- Ingredients such as B. Isatis tinctorium, activated carbon (micro-clean), healing chalk, sea salt, knotweed extracts, medicinal plants
- Has an antibacterial effect on inflammation/infections, bad breath, tooth decay, chalk teeth
- In a practical and sustainable opal glass crucible (instead of plastic, aluminum)
- Economical to use

*ISATIS dental Flyer - In a nutshell (German language, pdf.)

New: Sustainable in a practical refill pack‚Äč: ISATIS dental, teeth micro-clean  100 g and 300 g

Teeth Cleaning Powder

- For daily tooth cleaning (vegan)

The non-foaming tooth powder cleans with healing earth and diatomaceous earth as a cleaning body. Spagyir essences from isatis, knotweed and sage have an antibacterial effect. The light menthol taste gives a fresh tooth feeling.

Application: Put the tooth powder on the wet toothbrush with a spatula or spoon and brush for approx. 2 minutes. Rinse with water.

60 g

Medicinal chalk, diatomaceous earth, spagyric isate essence °, spagyir knotweed essence °, sage tincture, sage essential oils ° and menthol *

° Demeter
* controlled organic cultivation
** Part of real essential oils

Teeth Micro Clean

- For intensive tooth cleaning (vegan)

The plant-based activated carbon with medicinal plants from our Demeter-certified monastery garden fight bacterial colonization of teeth and mouth. Coal dust from beech wood, eggplant, willow and ash bind bacteria and pollutants in the oral cavity. Sea salt works intensively with knotweed and isatis. With a soft mint taste.

Application: Use powder like with cleaning powder with a toothbrush, gently massage the tongue and gums, rinse out (if used 2-3 times a week). Micro Clean can also be used as daily dental care alone.


Coal from beech wood, eggplant, willow, ash, knotweed ground °, sea salt, ground Isatis °, ground Stevia leaves *, mint oil °, sage essential oil °
° Demeter
* controlled organic cultivation
** Part of real essential oils

Mouth Wash

- mouthwash (vegan)

Extracts from isatis, willow bark and knotweed have a lasting disinfectant effect in the mouth. Hamamelis flower hydrolate soothes. Sage essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
It serves as a mouthwash for cleaning the oral cavity and for fresh breath.

Application: approx. Put two sprays in the mouth, keep in the mouth for about a minute, and distribute well in the oral cavity. Then spit it out, rinse with water if necessary. Rinse the mouth with it for about 2 minutes daily. Can be used several times a day to refresh and disinfect the mouth and throat and to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Alternatively, it can be mixed into a paste with both tooth powders and used like a normal toothpaste.

100 ml

Water, alcohol °, knotweed extract °, sea salt, Isatis extract °, willow bark extract *, witch hazel hydrolate °, stevia leaf extract, sage essential oil

° Demeter
* controlled organic cultivation
** Part of real essential oils

(Cover Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels)