SENSISANA stands for SENSI – sensitive and SANA – healthy. However, it is often understood that sensitive skin is a stressed skin type that is susceptible to irritations and allergies. So the opposite of what we would expect from healthy skin.

To be sensitive and healthy is the goal, not only for our skin but also for us as a whole human being. Sense comes from the senses. Our senses are overwhelmed and overwhelmed in our today so complex environment, so that the immune system reacts with defense. Cosmetic products make a special contribution to this stress because they often impair the natural regeneration mechanisms of our skin. This is our largest organ and because it closes our body, it is particularly important to maintain a healthy immune system, the skin flora. Preservatives, synthetic perfumes, and chemical agents can impair or damage their function to support the microflora and their sensitivity to environmental changes.

SensiSana Natural Cosmetics is characterized by the fact that it is designed with only a few ingredients in each product. This especially helps irritated and allergy-prone skin. Natural raw materials and purest water (no distilled water!) promote the healthy balance and the ability of the skin to adapt to various environmental influences in a relaxed but sensitive way and to regenerate itself. This should always be the goal of skin care to promote the skin in it to heal itself. With these care products, you will experience for yourself how little your skin needs if it is sensitive and healthy.

Like the snowflake, beauty has an infinite number of faces. Discover your own.


  • E-Book SENSISANA Naturkosmetik (english)_(1).pdf (6.69 MiB)