Dental Care (vegan)

Dental care is probably the oldest form of health and beauty care. Even the Neanderthals used willow sticks to disinfect and clean their teeth, and the Babylonians have recipes for tooth powder and pastes with medicinal plants, ash and charcoal.

The latest results in research show us that the body and the maintenance of its health depend to a large extent on a healthy micro-organism, e.g. the microbiome of the digestive tract, which forms the oral flora in an adapted form, just like the normal flora of the skin. If this is damaged, e.g. by aggressive preservatives, foaming agents and emulsifiers in conventional dental care products, unwanted bacteria can nest and cause tooth decay, chalk teeth, gingivitis and bad breath.


ISATIS teeth mouth wash 100 ml
Mouthwash for cleaning the oral cavity for fresh breath.

Content: 100 ml


ISATIS teeth cleaning p. 300g
For daily dental cleaning.

Content: 300 g (€16.50* / 100 g)


ISATIS teeth cleaning p. 60 g
For daily dental cleaning.

Content: 60 g (€29.17* / 100 g)


ISATIS teeth micro-clean 20g
For the regeneration of a healthy oral flora.

Content: 20 g (€80.00* / 100 g)