Samples Set

On this page you have the possibility to select samples. We offer you two options:

a) You put the sample set (without further selection) "into the shopping cart". You will then receive 15 samples, i.e. one copy of each sample.

b) You select your sample set individually. You may not want to receive a sample at all - or test multiple specimens of a particular sample. Then click on "Sample Set" below; you will be taken to a new page where you can make your personal selection.

Please keep in mind that there is generally a nominal charge of 5 € for the sample set. You will receive an invoice for transfer. The amount will be refunded if you place a subsequent direct order within three months. We limit consumer sample sets to two orders per customer.

Retailers and beauty salons can order samples, but not a sample set.


Sie haben die Möglichkeit, zwischen5 Proben zu 3 €,10 Proben zu 4 € oder15 Proben zu 5 € zu wählen.

from €3.00*