Care Kit

With our care sets you have the perfect product combination straight away. Do you need special products for babies & kids? Or especially hand and nail care? In any case, we have the right set for you.


ROSE care kit
The ROSE line products moisturise dry skin and soothe sensitive skin.


The SHEA BUTTER products are non-irritating and minimalistic: they do not contain any essential oils, alcohol, bee products or herbal extracts.


YOUNG & ACTIVE Pflegeset
Die YOUNG & ACTIVE products harmonise youthful skin, particularly youthful combination skin, and leave you with a radiant complexion.


BABY & KIDS care kit
The BABY & KIDS line provides mild skincare free from essential oils.


GINSENG care kit
The GINSENG Care Set is suitable for demanding and tired skin in need of regeneration.


SALVIA care kit
The essentials oils (e.


HAPPY AGING care kit
Anti Aging? - Happy Aging! The power to regenerate lies within ourselves.


HAND & NAIL care kit
The products of the HAND & NAIL line nourish cracked and chapped skin on the hands and nails – for velvety soft hands and nourished nails.


HAPPY FEET care kit
Feet and legs have a lot to endure.


SUMMER TIME care kit
The SUMMER TIME line activates the skin’s own natural protection and is therefore suitable as a preparatory care for the summer.