On this page we try to summarize questions & answers that can occur in everyday life around our natural cosmetics. The objetive is to create transparency and personal classification on these topics.



Our products / ingredients from Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik are Demeter certified. We do not offer any health and ecologically problematic substances such as microplastics, parabens or PEGs. SENSISANA Naturkosmetik is Cosmos Natural certified. Further information: https://www.demeter.de/lebensmittel-produkte/naturkosmetik 


In addition, 100% of our products are free of animal testing and were awarded with the IHTN seal. Further information: http://www.ihtn.de/_start.html


In general, we try to avoid packaging in the first place. If it is necessary, then you often ask yourself, how do I deal with it appropriately? We have listed a few examples to make the sustainability topic more transparent:

  • Crucibles / flacon: Most of our crucibles, flacons consist of opaque glass and can be disposed of sustainably in the stained glass container (green).
  • If the product has a lid, please dispose of it with the residual waste. Clear glass is also disposed of in the glass container. Smaller parts made of cork, for example in the case of closures, can be disposed of with the residual waste.
  • Packaging: The packaging mostly consists of cardboard, i.e. paper and, depending on the region, is to be disposed of in the paper bin and is thus sent to the recycling process; Package paper tapes are used.
  • We already successfully offer bulk goods and self-filling techniques in the SPA area.


Flyer / Information: Most of the relevant information is available online. The majority of flyers or brochures were produced in a climate-neutral manner, using organic inks based on plants - printed on FSC-certified paper.


MG Naturkosmetik is committed to the preservation of nature, e.g. through the support of the federal state for bird protection.


The monastery is supplied with green electricity.


Are there currently order delays or delivery bottlenecks within your company?

We currently have no bottlenecks.

How do you guarantee sterile products?

Numerous preventive protective measures are taken within our company, e.g.:

a) GMP: "Good Manufacturing Practice" means guidelines for quality assurance of the production processes and environment in the production of drugs and active ingredients, but also for cosmetics. A GMP-compliant quality management system serves to ensure product quality and to meet the requirements of the health authorities that are binding for marketing.

b) HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This is a quality tool that was originally designed for the production and handling of food. The concept is used to avoid food-related hazards that can lead to illness or injury to consumers. Preventive hygiene measures play a relevant role here, e.g. in terms of work clothes, mouth protection, gloves, hairnet / cap etc.

Can I be infected by one of your parcels?

Basically, it is rather unlikely that you can get infected through imported goods or postal items. Our batches are also examined for germs by an independent laboratory. Regarding your personal delivery service, please contact the Deutsche Post / DHL or your local service provider directly.

What could be relevant for me as an owner / self–employed of a cosmetic studio in Germany?