KALMUS System Care

For combination skin, tired and impure skin. Has a refreshing and clarifying effect. Kalmus, the magic sword. 

Sweet flag is a plant that is common in our country, but it has almost been forgotten. We find them on the banks of smaller lakes and streams or in wetlands. The Indians in North America were already aware of the detoxifying power of calamus. "Its lanceolate leaves were used in incense to ward off evil spirits and to purify the air before a healing ceremony. The plant ash applied to the skin with deer tallow helped draw toxins and negative energies from the body,” said Cheyenne Healer Tuk Tohama. "I call sweet flag the magic sword because it seems to know by itself where to separate good from bad." Martina Gebhardt 


Kalmus Lotion 100 ml
For combination skin, as well as tired and blemished skin.

Content: 0.1 l (€319.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Tonic 100 ml
The Calamus Tonic has a refreshing and invigorating effect and can prevent skin blemishes.

Content: 0.1 l (€225.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Maske 50 ml
Applied to the skin once a week as a mask, it has a restorative and clarifying effect on stressed and tired skin.

Content: 0.05 l (€838.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Bodylotion 150 ml
An extremely refreshing boost of moisture for the body.

Content: 0.15 l (€166.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Hautcreme 50 ml
The skin cream for combination skin.

Content: 0.05 l (€838.00* / 1 l)


Kalmus Reinigung 150 ml
The Calamus Cleansing Milk cleanses blemished and tired skin gently and deep into the pores.

Content: 0.15 l (€182.67* / 1 l)