Until 1989 we worked with simple, black and white Zweckform address labels. Not only our product name adorned the label, but also the sketch of a rose or sage plant, depending on which product it was. At some point my neighbor came over to me with a funny suggestion: could not her three children put some color on the labels and color the flowers with crayons? They would like to do that for a little extra pocket money. I liked the idea, but first I asked the neighbor not to hang her on the big bell: child labor puts the client in jail faster than he likes ...

So the three plugs were soon at the door, dragged the brightly painted bows a little later and took new ones with them. With rapidly increasing orders, the need for labels also increased, and I was more and more amazed at how the children actually got on with their work. One day I wanted to reward them for their hard work: I promised them an invitation to ice cream the next time they brought the labels. A week later the doorbell rang, a crowd of 20 children stood outside and waved the painted works of art!

I was amazed. Where did they all come from? An employee in the next town had to find the ice, we could not have met the need. After the clever under-trade of the three painting talents came to light, they soon got rid of their job. I was a little queasy, because of the child labor and so many other people. A little later we got decent labels made in the printing house.