Shea butter originally comes from the fruits of the shea tree. The core of these fruits contains many vitamins and minerals, which ultimately make the butter in its entirety a little miracle product for personal care. Our shea butter line benefits significantly from this. Mainly because we only use Shea fruits from controlled organic cultivation and the further processing into butter takes place in a gentle process. We rely on a purely natural, unrefined product that is fully in possession of its valuable ingredients.

It is also called the "African butter tree" and has its origin - as the name suggests - in Africa, more precisely in the savanna. A grown specimen can reach a height of up to 20 meters. The fruits - actually berries that grow on the colossus - are green, oval and up to six centimeters long. The seeds inside, which are actually important in the production of shea butter, are wrapped in sweet-tasting pulp. After the harvest, between April and June, the seeds or nuts are removed from the fruits. This is followed by an elaborate process in which the nuts are first boiled and then dried again. Often still by hand, the shell of the nut is now removed - the inside, the core is dried again and then chopped up. In a process similar to olive oil extraction, water is added and the mass is mixed for a while until the water and fat begin to separate. After the extraction in the cold pressing process, the fat is filtered and thus freed from unwanted particles.

The excellent organic quality forms a solid basis for our natural cosmetic products. At the same time, we are pleased about two projects that our main supplier in Burkina Faso is implementing in connection with shea nuts. Shea butter is also known as the "gold of women" in Africa. Traditionally, the processing is women’s business. The aim of the projects is therefore to provide women in one of the poorest countries in the world with a real livelihood by producing shea butter.

Sheabutter in our products