Olive oil is one of our most important raw materials. There is hardly a cream or lotion to find without the green-golden-shimmering oil. And to a significant extent, as one of the most important basic ingredients of our natural cosmetic products.

We have different suppliers for this elementary raw material, but always the same requirements: An oil that comes purely from Demeter-certified olive cultivation and is processed accordingly. Our quality standards - like those of our customers - are high. We only use extra virgin oil with low acid values. The oil used is also suitable for consumption. However, bitter substances in olive oil for cooking or dressings are a quality feature - a light, mild oil is better suited to our natural cosmetics. That is the reason why our oil is first stored before we combine it with other valuable, fragrant ingredients.

Over the years, we have built a very close, trusting relationship with our suppliers. Our partner from the Munich area (Germany) focuses on the olive oil raw material trade in Greece, established personal networks with farmers and expanded its partnerships to other southern countries. One of the largest sources of supply is an olive farm in Spain, with around 500 hectares of cultivation area. There are also other, smaller companies. They all have one thing in common: organic farming.

The roots of our oil can be found in southern Andalusia (Spain), in the area around Málaga. The olives are harvested here from mid-October to mid-January. Depending on the weather, the ripening process shifts backwards. The contemporary harvest takes place in a mechanical process, for example with the help of hydraulic harvest brooms. Picking or picking up by hand would no longer be economically viable and by shaking the trees, the olives pull themselves into small damaged areas when they hit the ground, where the fermentation process occurs prematurely. Which in turn worsens the quality of the oil.

After the harvest, the olives are washed and smashed with the help of small hammers. The mass is then poured into mash tuns and water with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees is added. All of this takes place in a vacuum - i.e. in a closed system, for perfect, hygienic conditions. The water-olive mixture is kneaded in the mixer for around 45 minutes. Water and oil slowly separate. Centrifuges enable the separation of solid components, the meat of the olives. Only then is the oil separated and can be bottled.

We use olive oil because it consists of essential fatty acids that dry skin usually lacks. The linoleic acid contained especially in olive oil protects the skin from drying out. There is also an "antioxidant" effect. In other words: The cells are protected by "radical scavengers" called polyphenols, which are contained in olive oil. In addition, the oil binds the various ingredients of a cream or lotion, so it offers a healthy and practical basis for natural cosmetic products.

Olive Oil in our products

Kamelie Bodylotion 150 ml
The gently caressing body milk supports the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin through the use of precious evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn pulp oil and extracts from aloe, and nourishes the skin with its vitamin content.

Content: 0.15 l (€303.33* / 1 l)


Kalmus Reinigung 150 ml
The Calamus Cleansing Milk cleanses blemished and tired skin gently and deep into the pores.

Content: 0.15 l (€182.67* / 1 l)


Maritim Reinigung 150 ml
For gentle cleansing of the skin, massage well into the skin.

Content: 0.15 l (€196.67* / 1 l)